Seniors’ Centre Without Walls

A FREE interactive telephone program for people 55+ anywhere in Saskatchewan

What is Seniors’ Centre Without Walls?

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) provides the opportunity for participants to join in on health and wellness seminars, educational lectures, brain-stimulating activities, listen to live musical entertainment, join in on general conversations, and make new and meaningful friendships – all from the comfort of home!
It is all done over the telephone.

The Seniors’ Centre Without Walls (SCWW) provides opportunities to socialize, learn new skills and stay connected from the comfort of home. New programs and topics are added regularly. Programs include games, exercise classes, meditation and
mindfulness, nutrition, book clubs, coffee chats, and more. All done over your own telephone from your own home.

Information About the Program

How it Works

  • Completely free program.
  • Programs are multi-person phone conversations (or conference calls).
  • No special equipment needed – just your telephone. You do not need a computer or Internet access.
  • Each phone session lasts between 30-60 minutes on the phone.
  • Each phone session will have a volunteer speaker that will talk on a variety of topics.
  • On the day of the class you have registered for, we will phone you a few minutes before and when prompted you push the number one and you will be connected to your class
  • Over your phone – You are able to hear each other, talk to one another, learn, and have fun!  A great way to meet new friends!
  • Confidential, only your first name and last initial are used by the host.

Who Can Participate?

  • Adults aged 55+ living anywhere in Saskatchewan, who find it difficult to leave their homes and participate in social activities in their community. 

Is There a Cost?

  • No cost. Everything is Free of charge.
  • We mail you any needed supplies for programs that you sign up for, at no cost to you.

How To Join

  • You phone us and do an initial registration.
  • Once you are registered with us – we will send you a list of topics/classes each month.
    You phone or email us and tell us which classes you want to sign up for.
  • Some classes only have room for 10 people – please register early.

Phone: 306-631-4357 to register

Mental Health Resources 

Provincial Crisis Lines – Link

Moose Jaw Community Resources Listing – Link

Regina Community Resources Listing – Link

CMHA Community Resources – Link

Home Fitness and Leisure Resource Guide – Link

This represents the information available from a variety of sources, information and contacts can change and as such we make no representations that this information is updated to reflect those changes.

To Register or For More Information:

Box 552
Bushell Park, SK S0H 0N0

Office Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday
Phone: 306-631-4357

Upcoming Classes

August Wall Calendar: Download

Classes and guest speakers change every month, please contact us for a current list of monthly classes.
Phone: 306-631-4357

We will phone you a few minutes before your class starts. You will be prompted to push the number one on your phone. Once you push the number one, you will be joined into the phone call group.

All classes are over your own telephone from your own home.

NOTICE: Guest speakers sometimes need to cancel on short notice. Classes may be canceled and/or another class may be substituted in, on that day.

Other Classes

We are able to provide a list of resources for classes and events through other orginazations in Saskatchewan with similar missions to ours.

Events at Saskatoon Council on Aging

NOTICE: Please check with each of the organizations regarding sign up and participation

Participants Art Work

All work is created over the telephone
Instructor: Christy Schweiger – Education Coordinator, Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery

Our Team

Ronda, B.Ed.

Program Manager

Ronda has worked in social enterprise positions for many years, she has a Bachelor of Education degree and is currently a social work student at the University of Regina, with plans to graduate in April 2022. A farm girl and a successful competitor in horse shows and rodeos, she also enjoys photography. Ronda is grateful for the life skills and teachings of her mom and dad and has always enjoyed helping her dad with carpentry.

Ronda has always been passionate about helping older adults and advocating for individuals of all ages. When her mom was diagnosed with dementia, Ronda moved to live with her so that she could remain in her own home. During this time, she found there was not a lot of support to assist people to remain, in their own homes. This led to the idea for forming a non-profit organization that could be a support to those wanting to remain, in their own homes.

As the founding director of Age Friendly Outreach & Resource Network, Ronda is an avid supporter of ‘Aging In Place’ and believes that we need to have more resources available to help older adults remain in their own homes.

Myrna, MSW


Myrna has recently retired and closed her private practice in Regina working mainly with children and their families. She has a Masters in social work from the University of Toronto and has worked in the helping profession and education for over 40 years. As a facilitator, Myrna is a good listener,compassionate, soft-spoken and fair. For her, it is important people know they are all valued for their contributions. She is interested in assisting participants of SCWW who are seeking knowledge and information to benefit their lives and help relieve loneliness.

Myrna is from small town Saskatchewan and knows the value of helping your neighbor. As a daughter of an elevator Agent, she and her family were very involved in the communities they lived in. Volunteering became an important part of her life and continues to this day. She has helped establish a Volunteer Bureau at the University of Saskatchewanin the 1970’s, was on the first board of the Early Childhood Education Program (ECIP) in Moose Jaw and has served on numerous committees and boards over the years. In 2012, she was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for her volunteer work with the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers.

Since retiring the first time in 2012 from the Faculty of Social Work, University of Regina as the Field Education Coordinator, Myrna became an avid quilter. She enjoys the socializing quilting provides. Myrna is involved in a group of quilters known as Connecting Threads. They sew for pleasure and to help the community in Regina by donating their time and thread. Quilts are made for the Neo-natal Unit at Regina General Hospital, Women’s Shelters and Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and other agencies as needed. Since Covid-19 she continues to meet online with her quilting friends.

A Special Thanks to Our Funding Partners

We gratefully acknowledge the funding from SaskTel, SaskTel Pioneers, and the Government of Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada).

Sasktel Pioneers Logo
Sasktel Pioneers Logo

Contact Us For More Information

Office Hours: 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday

Phone: 306-631-4357



Mailing Address:
Box 552 Bushell Park, SK S0H 0N0

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls is a program initiated by the: 

Age Friendly Outreach & Resource Network Moose Jaw Inc. 

Non Profit Corporation Entity Number: 102087113

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls – Code of Conduct

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls promotes an environment that values:

  • Positive communication between people
  • Courteous conduct
  • Diversity and the human rights of others related to their national or ethnic origin, religion, age, gender identity, marital status, family status, economic status, any physical or mental disability and sexual orientation
  • Mutual respect, fairness and equality


  • Please allow the facilitator to guide and direct the group
  • Please respect all group members and their opinions even if you do not necessarily agree with them
  • Disrespectful comments are not allowed
  • Allow every participant to contribute and do not dominate the conversation
  • If you have an issue with a group member, please contact SCWW directly